In Home Veterinary Services, Holland, MI

We are

Leaders in Veterinary Services


CVS was founded on the desire to bring
high quality, compassionate veterinary
service right to your home.

Dogs and cats are man’s best friends, and when they are affected by illness or injury, you want to do everything in your power to make them well again. Concierge Veterinary Services offers in home veterinarian services designed to promote the health and well being of your pet. As a mobile vet practice, we put the health of your pet first through caring and compassionate service.


Effective Solutions

CVS provides the following services in your home:

01. Wellness Examinations

All pets should get examined yearly. Annual examinations are important for your…

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02. Preventive care and vaccinations

Preventive care such as flea, tick and heartwor are imperative to reducing…

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03. Behavior Consultations

Our animal companions can suffer from a variety of behavioral problems ranging…

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04. Pre-Purchase/Adoption Consultation

Many families want to introduce a new pet to their home but…

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05. Health Certificates

If you plan to travel with your animal over state or international…

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06. Integrative medicine such as acupuncture

The combination of both Western and Eastern medicine means that your pet…

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07. Sick Examinations

Sick examinations are necessary when your pet is exhibiting abnormal signs such…

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08. Minor illness and injury treatment

In-home care for mild illnesses and injuries allows your pet to receive…

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09. Chronic disease management

Many pets have chronic diseases. Owners and pets alike may become stressed…

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10. End of life and hospice care

Saying goodbye to your pet is the hardest decision you will make…

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And more, just ask!

If there is a service you are interested in which is not…

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Please note that we do not provide trauma/true emergency medicine
or reproductive medicine at this time